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Denmark makes acquaintance with QI & EAE

From left to right: Erwin van Rossem (Q.I. Press Controls, Area Sales Manager), Niels Grinsted (Print Manager) & Jarl Söderqvist's Sales Manager)

Oosterhout, April 2015
– It seems that the collaboration between Q.I. Press Controls and EAE is paying dividends. In the space of just over a year following the acquisition of EAE - a period in which the two organisations have continued to develop groundbreaking automation products - the print industry has become increasingly aware that the two companies are operating as a single entity. Joint orders are starting to pour in and Denmark too, is making acquaintance with the QIPC – EAE combination. Having been won over by the commitment shown by both organisations, the Trykkeriet Nordvestsjaelland printing plant has singled out QIPC – EAE for the upgrade of its presses.

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New Managing Director for Q.I. Press Controls and EAE Latin America

Oosterhout, February 2015
– Nielson Fernando will start from February 2015 as the new Managing Director of Q.I. Press Controls and EAE Latin America. Nielson will replace Júlio Coutinho who has worked over seven years for the company. Nielson will start in a new office in São Paulo, Brazil.


Nielson Miranda Fernando is 37 years old and comes from São Paulo, Brazil. He started his career at a young age as Sales person for different markets. After finishing his education Mechatronic Engineering and receiving his Master in Industrial Processes Automation and Control, he fulfilled several functions for various international companies. He has worked as Project Manager, New Product Development Engineer and as Head of Engineering. All this time he was working close to the customers and that is just the way he likes it.


Nielson is dedicated and eager to learn, he would like to discover the graphic market. Menno Jansen, Manager Director of Q.I. Press Controls’ and EAE’s main office, has great trust in Nielson, despite his limited experience in the graphic industry. Jansen: “Nielson has sufficient sales experience, has a drive and the entrepreneurship to accept this heavy task. Of course we will have to train him related to our industry. Skills such as good listening, persuading and persevering are just in his character.” Nielson likes to be in touch with people and wants to motivate and try to help everybody to achieve their goals.


In his spare time, Nielson is a real family man. He loves to spend time with his wife and two kids, especially on his father’s farm where he can teach them about rural life. Since Nielson lives in São Paulo, it was a logical step to move back the local office to this city. At the bottom of this press release are the contact details of the new office.


QIPC – EAE is pleased to welcome Nielson. Nielson: “I am here to support all of customer needs and would like to celebrate success with them!”


Contact details of Q.I. Press Controls and EAE Latin America’s new office:


Rua Guaipá, 51 - Sala 307

Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo, Brasil

CEP: 05089-001

General telephone number:

             +55 11 2365-8594